10 Unusual Hidden Streets in Paris


Paris attracts the world’s top tourists; It’s history, cafes, parks and amazing tourist attractions are being flocked by millions of tourists every year. In this mysterious city you can feel that you are changing country while passing from one neighborhood to another.

Beside the famous tourist attractions though, Paris has many secret places, only locals know off. We have gathered the top 10 secret streets in Paris, and presenting in this article, only for readers of UUGuides.com

1. Crémieux Street

Unlike conventional streets in Paris, Cremieux Street street is ready to meet with with it’s South American-style colored houses.


2. Thermopyles Street

This street is 280 meters in length, with a nice nature looking and far  away from the noise of the city. If you go this street you may feel like you’re walking on rural road in France.


3. Repère d’artistes

This street is an old market place, from traders to the  farmers. Even if you cant hear the noises from those days but you can still feel the atmosphere.

artists space


4. Labyrinthe d’impasses

15 dead-end street that connects the streets of the old workers lodgings. If you have lost your way in this long and narrow back streets it can take a very long time to go back.


5. Maisonnettes bucoliques: Villa Daviel

Daviel Villas was opened in 1912 and it is located in the peaceful and spectacular Butte-aux-Cailles locus. When you enter this dead-end street you will stand over colorful doors covered by green plants on all around.

Villa Daviel

6. Passage dérobé

If you want to feel yourself up above the clouds in silent for a few minutes, push the door of number 52 and find yourself in one of most ancient  fall asleep streets of Paris.

Passage derob

7. Start champêtre

When you came to this street you will feel like you set foot on an island. Bird tunes with greenery covering the street will make you enter a house and read a book with a cap of tea.


8. Traversée Poetique

Parisians come and walk on these stones of this passage since 1871. Throughout history, the name of this passage was the first ‘Passage des Sans-Culottes’ after the ‘Passage des Nourrices’. The current name taken from Molière’s old theater. Today this historic passage has been turned into a poem house. Should be the preferred venue for those who want to find him a place in history.

Traversee Poetique

9. Repère the villas

This locus was constructed in 1879, small villas and houses are full of ivy. Should be prefered before reaching the Buttes Chaumont Park.


10. Planque Retro passage L’homme

If you want to witness time stopping you can dash yourself to this 122 meters street.

Planque Retro passage


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