Paris Guide

“The Ultimate Guide to Paris” by Cathryn Sparks was designed to offer you all the information that you will need if you are planning a trip to Paris, or if you just want to learn many interesting things about Paris, while keeping at the same time a normal size, since large books are not easy to carry and use while on a trip. We believe that we have achieved to create a guide for Paris that is on the golden line between information and size.

The writer, Cathryn Sparks, is an urban travel specialist with experience in trip planning and multi-cultural sociological analysis. An avid traveler herself, she has visited many great cities of the world, and is happy to channel all the information and knowledge she has about them through her books. All her books are written in cooperation with local experts.

By buying this book, either in electronic or in printed form, you automatically gain access to the “Paris download zone” section of our website, with many useful info including Paris city, metro and train maps, museum plans, but French-Phrasebook-UUguides Paperback-3D-006_1000most importantly an interactive route map, that accompanies this book, with detailed routes on Google maps, for every day of your trip, plus locations, information and photos of all the important attractions of Paris. You will find the password and instructions on how to enter “Paris download zone” in the dedicated chapter of the book. Moreover, you will find instructions on how to get a complete French phrasebook absolutely for free.

Let me quickly introduce you to what this book will offer you. To start with, it will help you decide the best time of the year to visit Paris according to your personal tastes and your expectations from this trip. It will also help you decide which part of the city is the best for you to look for accommodation. Detailed information on safety is also provided in the respective chapter, in order to protect you from booking that very nice and cheap hotel you found on the internet, but located in a shady neighborhood. It will also protect you from various types of scams that you will most likely come across within the streets of Paris (there is even a detailed catalog of scams and how they work!). An “important things to know” chapter concludes the general knowledge anyone should have before visiting Paris.

Softcover_004_Paris-Guide_1000When you arrive in Paris, this guide will help you get to the city center and to your hotel by choosing the best transportation means to suit your needs and budget. Detailed maps of the transportation system are provided in the download zone. Once you start your adventure to Paris you will need to know about French gastronomy and what you definitely need to taste, from street food to sophisticated French delicacies, the transportation system and how it works, and of course shopping and the best places to shop according to your tastes and budget and a lot more useful info which this book will provide.

Of course, you need to know about Paris’s main attractions, a selection of the ones you must see, but this guide goes even further by providing a list of the major free attractions, for those of you that travel on a budget. Apart from the great monuments and attractions though, Paris is also a very romantic city, and a cruise on the River Seine is bound to be one of the most romantic moments that you will ever have. Our guide explains how the cruise system works and what you need to do in order to book a cruise from the internet before even going to Paris!

This is not an ordinary travel guide, since it contains innovations that can make your perfect trip even more perfect! Technology today is a big help, and most people use smartphones. There are some great apps that will make your trip to Paris easier and more fun, and we present them to you- always trying to suggest free apps. Except from all the above, we have also carefully created a detailed itinerary for you, in order to organize your trip in the best possible way. You will find this itinerary in the respective chapter of this book, but you will also find an interactive form of the itinerary in the download zone of our Website, by using the password that you will find in this book. Last but not least, you can get a complete French phrasebook for free! You can find all appropriate info in the respective chapter “French Phrasebook”. Press here to learn more about the free French phrasebook, or press here to see where you can buy The Ultimate guide to Paris from.